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Danny has been a flyfishing guide for about 16 yrs., but has been fly fishing for over 35 yrs. He has lived in Western Maryland all  his life and has spent countless hours on all these rivers in the area. Having traveled to Montana to fish the Yellowstone and  the Bitterroot rivers and also loves to fish the streams in the Smokie mts.  Ohio is always a fun time with Larry and my wife Ellen chasing steelhead.  He is the happiest when he has a flyrod in his hand, and the smiles and excitment when his clients land their fish. He says that makes his day!!


Larry, Danny's son has fished with his dad from little up and both enjoy the sport together. Being a very experienced fly fisherman, Larry also ties his own flies and builds custom fly rods with the upmost perfection!!  They use Larry's flies on all their trips. He also has been guiding with his dad ever since he's started the business, it's a passion they both share together, and look forward to going whenever they can.

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