Lets Go Fly Fishing






I've been fishing this river since i was 15 years old. D.N.R. started stocking it in the early 60s after the mine clean up near Crellin MD.  The fish do very well with all the bug life in the Yough., with caddis being their main diet. A four and a half mile section of very good catch and release for rainbows and browns and only fingerlings are stocked. Also down river in the town of Friendsville a delayed harvest area is set aside there and is very good fishing from Oct. thru June.

North Branch

This river is a flyfishermans paradise. Once dead from mine acid drainage it is alive and well today with a healthy population of trout. There is a mile of catch and release below the dam( Jennings Randolph ) that is very good for those that like to wade, some very big trout are hooked in this area. We float from the Blue Hole down stream 5 miles and two more sections from Westernport to Blackoaks for trout. From Blackoaks to the Cumberland fairgrounds are two more sections we fish for largemouth and smallmouth and an occasional muskie.


This river is a delayed harvest area and gets stocked in Oct. and all thru the spring with some very impressive trout, some over 20 inches. All trout have to be returned to the water from Oct. thru June 15th. This is a beautiful river that lays in amish country and is easy to wade, and is a very  good place for the beginner. Has a good hatch of stone flies and caddis early in the spring.


This river is our jewel for Western Maryland. If you like a challenge you'll like the Savage. Browns and Brookies are all wild. If you hit a good day you'll have the time of your life. There are some 20 inch plus browns in this little river and  is loaded with native brookies. There is some nice native brookie streams above the Savage River dam  and are a lot of fun fishing for if you like to do some hiking. All native brookie trout have to be released in the Savage river drainage.