Lets Go Fly Fishing


It's been another one of those years, lots of rain, but we have got in a few trips and now it looks good hopefully for the rest of the year. A few pictures of some of the fish we've been catching.   7/13, It has slowed down a little, fish are fat and water is getting warmer, Larry and i fished the Westernport section yesterday and caught 22, still not a bad day, and even a nice brookie Larry caught out of the lunch hole was a real surprise!  7/19, Took Dan on the Westernport section, pretty good day considering the temperatures got in the 90s, slowed down in the afternoon and even caught a few on dries. 7/21 Larry and i didn't have a trip so we took advantage of that, too bad that we didn't have clients because it was an epic day, 39 trout in the net and a bonus 19-20 inch Brown. 7/24, took the wife and she had a great day, 39 trout to the net and all were nice trout!  8/4, Larry and i had a pretty good day, water was a little high but we still did ok, Larry caught two nice Browns.8/10 The wife and i floated the Westernport section and did pretty good, was slow in the morning and was running a little high, still ended up with over 20, one nice Brookie for a bonus. 8/12, Dan and Grandfather had a great day, Dan was knocking fish left and right, he was with Larry and Leo was with me, Larry worked with Dan last year and it paid off with him on the river. 8/14, Rick and Jennifer really did well on their trip, the fish were very cooperative that day, over 30 in the net!  8/19 Larry and i had a great day on the lower C & R, pretty good water and fishing is still strong dispite it's dog days!