Lets Go Fly Fishing



We've had a lot of rain and only been on the water once in May, but that day Larry and i floated was awesome and it looks good for 2016!



Melvin had a great day as did his two friends who floated with guide Ken Pavol.




Steve had a great day,water was a little high but still brought 15 fish to the boat and lost 8 or 10  other fish.



Joe and Dave had a great time today, Larry pu them on fish from start to finish.



This young man had a great day on the upper C& R


Brian had a very good day on the lower catch and release!



Larry and i fished the last couple days on high and off color water and did very good on both sections, caught some impressive fish and a few wild Browns on the upper and lower sections of the catch and release.



Chuck and Ted from down East fished today with Larry and i, they had a very good day, they put 44 trout in the boat, Ted said he never caught that many trout!


Larry and i went back to the same section as we took Chuck and Ted today and caught 52, good day! Had an incounter with an Eagle, wanted this Brown!




Walter and his son Joel had a pretty good day, was slow in the morning but picked up in the afternoon.



The last couple weeks has been really good on the lower C&R, fish are fat and sassy! Looks like next year is going to be a really good year on this section, as we are catching a lot of 6-7 in. rainbows. The upper C&R (Barnum) is fishing good, hitting dries and nymphs, only trouble is the water is only 220cfs and i'm only doing one man floats. Much better that way as for the low water the fish are more spookie with it being clear and low. Been catching a lot of Brookies on the upper as of late.




Dan had a great day on a float with Larry on the North Branch, he had a two day lesson and was ready to hit the water with his new fly rod, You did great Dan, just keep up the good work and you'll be right up there with the best! 



Took my wife on he lower C&R, was a tough day, but she still made it a good day!


Took my daughte on the lower C&R, she did great. first time she's been out in a few years, always fun with Susan!




Dan and Granddad Leo had a great with my son Larry on the Lower C&R.



Sherman and son- in- law Jim did 2 days, first day was slow but did a lot better on the second,



Neil getting it done on a beatiful fall day!